Who was Charles K Kao ? Google Doodle Celebrates physicist , educator and father of fiber optics,Short Biography Of A Nobel Prize Winner

Sir Charles Kuen Kao Today’s Doodle celebrates the visionary Chinese-born, British-American physicist, an electrical engineer and an educator Charles K. Kao, who was considered the father of fiber optics in telecommunication . His innovations revolutionized global communication that laid the groundwork for today’s high-speed internet.In the 1960s, Kao created various methods to combine glass fibers with lasers in order to transmit digital data .

Charles Kuen Kao was born on 4th November in 1933 in Shanghai, China. His family fled to British-ruled Hong Kong when he was about 15. He grew up in Taiwan and Hong Kong before moving to London to study electrical engineering. In the 1960s, Kao worked at Standard Telecommunication Laboratories, the research center of Standard Telephones and Cables in Harlow, and it was here in 1966 that he laid the groundwork for fiber optics in communication. Known as the “godfather of broadband”, the “father of fiber optics”, and the “father of fiber optic communications”, Kao was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics for “groundbreaking achievements concerning the transmission of light in fibers for optical communication”. In 2010 he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for “services to fiber optic communications”.

Charles K. Kao
Charles K. Kao

He was a permanent resident of Hong Kong, also Kao held citizenships in the United Kingdom and the United States.

In 1966, after earning his doctorate, Kao and his collaborator George Hockham published a groundbreaking paper that proposed fibers fabricated with purified glass could carry a gigahertz (1 billion hertz) of information over long distances using lasers. Later Kao led the development of this revolutionary technology, and in 1977, the first telephone network carried live signals through optical fibers. By the 1980s, Kao was worked overseeing the implementation of fiber-optic networks worldwide.

Kao was a dedicated educator and a trailblazing researcher.  He spent nearly a decade as Vice-Chancellor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1966 and founded Hong Kong’s Independent Schools Foundation. His landmark research in the 1960s earned him a joint Nobel Prize in Physics in 2009 and cleared the path for the over 900 million miles of fiber-optic cables that carry massive quantities of data across the globe today.

 Hong Kong Science Park
Hong Kong Science Park

The landmark auditorium in the Hong Kong Science Park was named after Kao on December 30, 2009.

Here’s Charles K. Kao— Inventer of Fibre Optics making the world a more connected place !! Happy Birthday !!!

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