Una Marson: Google Doodle celebrates one of the most influential feminist thinkers, BBC broadcaster

Who Is Una Marson :

Today’s Google celebrates one of Jamaica’s most influential feminist thinkers—the writer, poet, editor, advocate, and broadcaster Una Marson through Doodle.

Una Marson google doodle
Una Marson google doodle

‘What man has done women may do.’

This is Una Marson’s word in 1928 when uttered she anticipated her own trajectory as one of Jamaica’s most important feminists, poets and broadcasters.

Her journey starts as becoming the country’s first magazine publisher at 21-years-old, and later to see her publish poetry, write plays, challenge racism and sexism in London and the wider world, and bring a black feminist’s sensibility to the male-centric black internationalist movement.

Marson was regarded as the first Black woman to be employed as a radio producer at the BBC, where she recorded several significant interviews including one with swing band icon Ken “Snakehips” Johnson, which took place on this day in 1940.

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On February 6, 1905, Una Marson was born in Santa Cruz, Jamaica. In 1928 Marson became Jamaica’s first woman magazine publisher and editor when she established “The Cosmopolitan”—a publication focused on gender issues and social injustice. In 1933, her inspirations drew from London’s political and literary climate led her to move to the city.  Later she was shocked by the racism encountered, she started fighting for equal rights alongside fellow Caribbean immigrant Dr. Harold Moody, the founder of the civil rights group The League of Coloured Peoples.

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