Prepare time: 15 min
Cook: 20 min
Total:  35 min
Author : Ragini Kitchen
Serves :  6-7 People
Masala Vada, chana dal vada also called masala vadai , is a crispy and savoury deep fried fritter made from chana dal and spices, is a popular street food of South Indian cuisine.
Chana dal ,onion ,fennel seed ,ginger, coriander ,green chilli are the main ingredients for the masala vada . It is also known as Paruppu Vadai in Tamilnadu. Process for making chana dal vada is very simple and takes very less time except for the time required for soaking the chana dal.
If you are craving for something crispy and crunchy, then make this vadai and your taste buds will not stop thanking us. This recipe is perfect for the evening tea time recipe with coriander chutney and green chillies .
Chana dal is also a good source of protein . You can add less chilli or no chilli ,then it will be the heathy dish for kids tiffin or after school snacks . This vada is loved and popular street food in India .
So Enjoy your cooking !!!
Merry Christmas & very Happy New Year !!!
Direction :
1 . Take 1 bowl of gram dal (chana dal) ,clean it and soak it for 8 hours . Grind the dal coarsely .
2. Now add chopped onion ,coriander , green chilli , mint ,grated ginger,curry leaves .
3. Also add salt ,turmeric powder, red chilli powder, cumin  powder (jeera) . Mix all the ingredients properly .
4. Now take a small portion of paste and make a medium size ball .Press the ball gentley .
5. Heat the oil and deep fry in hot oil . Serve hot with green coriander chutney .
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