Who was Margaret Fulton?

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 97th birthday of beloved Australian food writer and author Margaret Fulton. Margaret Fulton(Margaret Isobel Fulton)was an Australian food and cooking writer, journalist, author, and commentator. She was the first of this genre of writers in Australia.

Fulton was born in Nairn in the Scottish Highlands on 6 October 1924. When she was three, her parents emigrated to Australia, settling in Glen Innes, New South Wales. She began as a cooking teacher at the Overseas Corporation in 1947 and was later promoted to sales manager. She was “partially responsible for the introduction of the pressure cooker to Australia”

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Fulton’s early recipes encouraged Australians to alter their traditional staple of “meat and three vegetables”. She also encourages people to be creative with food. She brought international cuisine from places such as Spain, Italy, India and China to Australian plates. she is the editor of cookery magazine Woman’s Day, she “brought these into Australian homes through her articles.

In 1954, Fulton, then a “home economist for a leading firm of cereal manufacturers”, gave a talk on “cooking with ready-to-eat cereals”. She told the audience that “with more wives and mothers working, speed and ease in food preparation is a ‘must'”.

She continued, “Many women have no training in homemaking, and packaged and ready-prepared foods, like cereals, cake, pastry and biscuit mixes, canned and frozen foods, make life easier”. A selection of “hot muffins made with bran” were handed out, and Fulton told the listeners that “These are quick and easy to make and most economical”.

In 1968, she published the first of 25 cookbooks titled “The Margaret Fulton Cookbook” which has sold over 1.5 million copies.

Happy birthday, Margaret Fulton—Thank you for making our lives more easy and delicious !!!