Atte Ka Halwa| Kada Prasad |Atta Halwa Recipe| Gurudwara Parshad | मूँग दाल का हलवा भूल जायेगे

Prepare time :  0 min
Cooking Time: 15 min
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Serves : 4 People

Atta Halwa Recipe | Kada Prasad | Atte Ka Halwa| Gurudwara Parshad| गेहू के आटे का हलवा इतना स्वादिस्ट मूँग दाल का हलवा खाना भूल जायेगे.
Kada Prasad कड़ा प्रसाद गुरुद्वारा वाला | Atte Ka Halwa | Gurudwara Atta Halva | आटे का हलवा is a traditional sweet served in Gurudwaras. Kada or big vessel and Prasad mean sacred food serve in Gurudwaras . In gurdwaras , prashad is prepared in a big vessle for the devotees .So the name Kada Prasad .
This Kada Prasad is super easy sweet with four main ingredients used in a 1:1:1:1 ratio i. aata,sugar,water,and ghee. Try this easy and delicious recipe and enjoy your cooking with RaginiKitchen .
Ingredients : Aata (Wheat Flour ) , Sugar , Ghee .
Course:  Sweets
Cuisine: Indian
During lockdown it may or may not be possible to go to Gurudwaras . You might be missing the prashad . So Try this easy and delicious recipe and enjoy your cooking with RaginiKitchen . This is very simple sweet with only 3 ingredients which are available at home .
If you are craving for some sweet then here is the answer. If you like you can garnish this sweet with some nuts . But without nuts also this taste incredible .
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  • 1 Bowl Wheat Flour (गेहूँ का आटा)
  • 2 Bowl Water
  • 1 Bowl Sugar
  • 1 Bowl Ghee
  • 1 Tsp Green Cardamon Powder


1  Take water in a sauce pan and add sugar . Boil water . Stir. Sugar starts melting . Simmer it till water gets half or the sugar syrup (chashni) become 1 tar .( 1 tar ki chasing).

2 In another pan on another burner roast the aata till it hets golden brown and turns aromatic . Now add ghee (clarified butter) . Mix it well . No lumps should be form . Keep stirring so that aata will not burn . Aata turns little darker .

3 Now add sugar syrup . Keep on stirring . Water dried and ghee starts appearing . Aata Halwa is ready . Garnish it with 2 tsp ghee and green cardamom powder . Enjoy hot .